A Growing Team

While offices have been back open and in full swing, it seems as if workplaces have adapted to be more pet-friendly than ever! Recent studies have even shown that pet bonding is connected to healthier relationships, reduced stress levels, and improved concentration.

Whether your household or office team has expanded with a few new furry companions, you might be trying to find ways to manage the chaos of having extra bodies sharing your space. If your pup is a culprit in contributing to office messes, we’ve compiled a few helpful cleaning tips to keep your space as pet-friendly as possible!

Designated “Zones”

Having a defined space, under your desk or in sight of your workspace for your pet to go to, might help you stay focused. Giving them their own space can work to calm them and give them the cue that it’s time for them to relax and wind down. It’ll also lessen their exposure to other distractions around the office like the smell of warming lunches in the kitchen or other pets in the office. 

Particularly in the winter, if you’re working in a retail or commercial office, you might be concerned about the amount of dirt and debris your pet might bring indoors. By throwing bedding down, like a blanket, or making a small enclosed area, you can safely leave them unattended and off surfaces that might have harsh cleaning chemicals on them. If under your desk happens to be the perfect spot, they also make great personal vacuum cleaners for immediate spills!

Chemical-Free Products

Dog parents these days are more concerned than ever about raising healthier pets. In your own home, you might be less worried about the types of toxins and bacteria that your pet might be exposed to. However, if your job requires you to be out regularly in different environments, you might be exposing your dog to unfamiliar bacteria often. In somewhere like your office or car, it might be good to keep a chemical-free multi-purpose cleaner and a handheld vacuum within reach. For more tips on finding safe chemical-free products, see our latest blog on what to look out for on labels. Doing regular swipes with a vacuum over covered areas such as carpets can prevent excessive build-up or smells lingering. 

A Regular Deep Clean

More pets might mean a happier, healthier workplace, but it can also mean a messier one! The added maintenance required from your pet visits might impact keeping up with your general cleaning schedule. They also might be taking away from your productivity at work. But not to worry! 

Having your happy fur babies near you is so important and our team has seen it all, from obscure accidents to excessive fur covering. We’ve also got the equipment to handle heavy deep cleans, so let us help you keep pet messes at bay. Reach out to us today to book a one-time commercial cleaning service!

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