First impressions matter

With the wet season upon us, your office floors might be the biggest victim to the snowy wet conditions that winter brings. All the slush, salt, debris, and hot beverage spills they end up enduring means they might need a little extra TLC from both your staff and the building maintenance team this winter. Aside from obvious safety hazards such as slipping, unkempt floors can also just be an unappealing sight for potential customers or clients passing through!

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First Line of Defense

Whether your office floors are carpet or some sort of vinyl, it can be hard to keep them looking spiffy at all times while your whole office is constantly bringing the outside in. If your building or commercial space has a proper foyer, it might be time to invest in a good, durable exterior or interior door mat! Though it might be obvious, a reliable doormat can do wonders for keeping your office clean. It acts as the first line of defense for catching unwanted debris and reducing the amount of moisture that will impact the floors.

Mould Prevention

Colder temperatures mean we’re spending more of our time indoors than we already do (which is often hard to believe!). This is why it’s best to keep our shared spaces as clean and pleasant to be in as possible. Office carpets can be a real hot spot for bacteria, which can lead to more permanent damage like mould growth or just wearing of carpet fibers. This is especially true if they stay damp over long periods of time. Carpets can also be a hidden source of air pollutants if left untreated. 

Save on Long-term Repairs

While regular deep cleaning of floors might be necessary depending on how busy your office gets, there are also ways to mitigate real damage with daily upkeep. The best way to avoid full carpet replacements or regular deep cleaning is to keep floors as dry as possible and to be proactive about spills. Our office cleaning team recommends keeping a small handheld vacuum close by so it’s easy enough for any staff member to grab. If you’re a larger company with over 20 employees, it might be worth considering implementing an indoor shoe policy to keep floor moisture at bay!

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Leave the Deep Cleaning to a Professional

winter office cleaning

While small habits can cumulatively lead to big changes, often the best way to keep your office pollutant-free this winter is to simply invest in a regular deep clean. Our Kelowna and Vernon janitorial service team work around the clock, 365 days a year, and can assure you that there is nothing we haven’t seen when it comes to winter office upkeep. So leave a good first impression on all your clients by keeping your floors spotless! 

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