Are You Contemplating Having Your Floors Professionally Cleaned?

We understand the importance of a properly maintained floor, most people don’t take notice of a pristine floor but they always appreciate it. However, even the smallest imperfections can stand out, crumbs/spills in the break room or stains and scuff marks at the entranceway can leave a lasting negative impression. Sweeping the break room or mopping the front entrance are good ways to keep up appearances but we both know that this isn’t sustainable long term and does not provide the best looking results. Your floors need to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly to maintain the look and smell that we all want from our commercial and residential spaces. But you may not have the time, expertise, or the appropriate equipment to complete such a daunting task. That is why we recommend having your floors professionally cleaned by a janitorial company. Their tools and experience will ensure that your floors are cleaned properly in less time and done right the first time. 

floor polisher
Floor polishing

Expect Industry Standard Quality

Professional janitorial company cleaners have years of experience dealing with all types of flooring and know how to proficiently clean any surface to the highest standard. Janitorial cleaning services have intimate knowledge of which equipment to use as well as the right cleaners for your floors, they also know how to apply these methods with the best techniques to ensure a thorough cleaning without damaging the floor in the process. You will be surprised by the difference a professional touch makes on the appearance of your floors and we guarantee once you start regularly scheduled cleaning, you will never want to go back to cleaning your own floors again.

The Right Tools For The Job

It is not uncommon to have a broom, mop, or small vacuum laying around for small daily maintenance tasks such as cleaning spills or cleaning entryway rugs. But these are not the appropriate tools for full and proper maintenance of your floors. Your floors require equipment and products that can be expensive and if improperly used will not clean effectively and can cause serious damage to your floors. Janitorial cleaning companies have the right equipment and products for your floors and most importantly have years of experience using them effectively to provide you with the best results possible. Having a broom or mop around to do some quick cleaning is sufficient, but when it comes to maintenance of your floors, leave it to the professionals.

floor cleaning
office cleaners

Clean Floors Done Right The First Time Around

We have all done it before, we see stains and scuff marks and we want them gone. So we get on our knees and scrub or we rent a carpet cleaner but the end result is never all that satisfying especially for how much effort you put in. Do not stress about these common issues any longer, have a professional janitorial company come in and use their expertise and professional-grade equipment to bring your floors back to the quality you expect the first time around. Once you have seen how beautiful your floors can be, consider having a janitorial company perform regular floor cleanings. Your floors will remain blemish-free and clean for longer and you will never have to worry about scrubbing your floors ever again.

Truly Clean Floors

it is still important that your floor is truly clean because It is not just about appearances. The dirt, grime, and dust you struggle to remove can irritate the lungs and skin, cause allergic reactions and even make a great environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive. A floor cleaned by professionals is not only great looking but also maintains a healthy and safe environment for all and that is priceless.

Interested In Having Your Floors Professionally Cleaned?

We at Cameron Building Maintenance, want to ensure that you have beautiful-looking floors while also ensuring cleanliness for the health and safety of your staff and customers by using non-toxic products to remove all manner of dust and dirt as well as preventing slip/fall accidents. We strip, wax, and buff floors as well as clean carpets and upholstery. Working within your schedule and budget, we are available any day at any time. If you are interested in learning more about our janitorial services please feel free to visit our website here.  We provide janitorial services in Kelowna, Vernon, and surrounding areas throughout the Okanagan.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to discuss having us provide janitorial services for your property, please contact us over the phone at (250) 859-4933 or online at our website here.

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