Spring Is Finally Here!

Spring cleaning is one of our favourite things about spring. Consider it a periodic checkup to ensure your space feels welcoming and inspiring, rather than cluttered or overwhelming. When your office or commercial space is clean, it will reduce stress, boost productivity, increase happiness, and well-being for everyone who uses it. Here are just a few of our recommendations for cleaning your office this spring!

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Wipe Down All Surfaces

Office cleaning must involve wiping down all the surfaces, not just removing copious coffee stains left on desks and counters or fingerprints on all the windows and glossy surfaces (though it certainly looks great afterwards). It is also vital to the health and safety of any office or commercial space. Ensuring that surfaces are cleaned thoroughly will protect employees and guests from spreading viruses and reduce overall illness in the office.

Maintaining Office Vents

An office can sometimes feel like a second home for many of us who spend a great deal of our time there. Canadians spend 90% of their time indoors and ventilation maintenance and cleaning are crucial for comfort and health. In addition to improving indoor air quality and reducing unpleasant odours, adequate ventilation cleaning facilitates occupant comfort by reducing pollutant and moisture levels that can negatively impact occupant health.

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Cleaning Floors

Your floors are one of the first impressions when entering an office and making a good impression is important to everyone. Floors can sometimes be something that is not considered a high priority during the cleaning process. Sweeping and vacuuming can be good for daily cleaning and maintenance, but it is important to deep clean your office regularly. Office cleaning services have the right tools and experience to clean your floors and renew how they look and feel. Professional cleaning removes tough mould growths, bacteria, trapped pollutants, stains, and odours. You will be surprised by the difference a clean floor makes. 

Declutter Your Space And Storage

The area around you, such as your desk or storage closet, has a profound effect on your productivity and overall stress levels. Take this time of spring cleaning to see what you no longer need and what could be reorganized to be more efficient for the space. As you go about your spring cleaning, be sure to look at what causes your stress and how to relieve it. Because of it, you will be healthier and more productive.

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Think Of All The Benefits Of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can be difficult but reaping the benefits is most certainly worth the cost. If you have an office spring cleaning this year try following our suggestions and make them part of your regular office cleaning. As a result, you will see increased productivity, see cost savings whether on supplies or efficiency within the company, boost morale, and create a healthier and happier work environment. We do understand that this can be a daunting task, especially in an office or commercial environment. We can offer these office cleaning services listed and much more. Let our team of professional cleaners assist you with spring cleaning this year.

We provide our professional commercial cleaning and office cleaning services in Kelowna & Vernon. 

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