This can be a difficult question to answer because every business is different. Cleaning your office on a regular basis is important for your employees’ overall health, safety and not to mention productivity. It’s not just the old adage “uncluttered office equals focused mind” but it reduces dust, harmful viruses and germs. 

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Here Are Some Factors To Consider When Choosing The Frequency Of Your Office Cleaning Services

Type of cleaning required 

Is it bathrooms that should be done daily or is it window cleaning that is often done twice a year? The difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

Size of the business

The size of the space can determine how long it will take to clean and determine the required frequency.

Type of business

The type of business can impact the frequency required for cleaning. If it is a store then it is likely to have higher traffic which means that it likely requires cleaning more often. The difference between a company that is visited by customers versus one that does not for instance. 

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The number of employees

More employees increase the traffic through the space which can lead to needing cleaning more often. If the space includes customer traffic, this must be considered as well.

Reasons For Increasing Frequency

Obviously, during holidays and times when the office remains closed, it will require less frequent cleaning compared to one that remains open most of the days. Also if your staff grows so will the amount of dirt track indoors. Top reasons for making the decision to increase cleaning frequency:

Reduce the spread of viruses – fewer germs and viruses equals less productivity loss.

Allows for better employee retention (want to work in a clean and sanitary environment) – workers prefer to spend time in workspaces that offer healthier work environments. Creates a better impression of the business – leaves a positive impression with your visitors not to mention increases the longevity of flooring, carpets and other things present in the office.

Let Our Team of Professionals Assist With Your Office Cleaning Needs

We pride ourselves in providing reliable, consistent, and quality service to corporate, commercial, strata facilities, medical institutions, schools and more. We have been building strong relations with our services throughout the Okanagan. We believe it is important that any professional relationship be founded on consistent communication and understanding of cleaning needs to ensure that both parties are happy. If you are interested in learning more about our commercial cleaning services please feel free to visit our website here.  We provide janitorial services in Kelowna, Vernon, and surrounding areas throughout the Okanagan.

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If you have any questions about our services or would like to discuss having us provide janitorial services for your property, please contact us over the phone at (250) 859-4933 or online at our website here.

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