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At Cameron Building Maintenance, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic office environment. A clean office is not only aesthetically pleasing but also important for the health and well-being of your customers and employees. That’s why we offer a comprehensive approach to office hygiene that goes beyond the typical workspaces. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the often overlooked areas that require special attention and care, as well as the seasonal challenges and solutions that affect office cleanliness. We will also show you how our commercial cleaning services can improve your indoor air quality, boost your employee productivity, and support your sustainability goals.

The Often Overlooked Areas

When it comes to office cleaning, most people think of the desks, chairs, computers, and other equipment that are used daily by the staff. However, other areas are equally important, but often neglected or overlooked.

1. Break room and Kitchen Cleanliness

The break room and kitchens are the places where germs, bacteria, and food borne illnesses can easily spread. According to a study1 by the University of Arizona, the breakroom and kitchen are the most contaminated areas in an office, with the sink faucet handles, microwave door handles, and refrigerator door handles being the top three germ hotspots. To ensure a sanitary break room and kitchen, it is important to follow some basic hygiene rules, such as washing your hands, wiping down the surfaces, and storing your food properly. However, these are not enough to eliminate all the dirt, grease, and grime that accumulate over time. Choosing Cameron Building Maintenance for special cleaning of shared spaces can help eliminate problem areas. We use professional-grade equipment and products to deep clean and sanitize your breakroom and kitchen, leaving them sparkling and germ-free.

 2. Restroom Hygiene

Restrooms are not only a source of unpleasant odours and stains, but also a potential breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. A dirty restroom can negatively affect your employee satisfaction, as well as your reputation and image. According to a Bradley Corporation survey2, 64% of consumers expressed a willingness to avoid businesses with a negative restroom experience, and nearly 20% admitted that a messy restroom made them less likely to clean up after themselves3. While basic practices like flushing, waste disposal, and supply replacements are crucial, they may not be enough to eliminate hidden dirt, mould, and bacteria in corners, crevices, and fixtures. Hiring a commercial cleaning company with specialized tools is key to ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process.


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Clean Air, Healthy Workforce

Another aspect of office hygiene that is often overlooked is the indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can cause various symptoms and illnesses, such as headaches, fatigue, allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections. To improve your indoor air quality, you need to address some of the common sources and factors that contribute to it, such as dust, pollen, mould, chemicals, ventilation, and filtration. However, these may not be enough to ensure clean and healthy air for your office. That’s why Cameron Building Maintenance’s strategies are useful for improving air quality. We use specialized vacuums to help capture and remove airborne particles, and we use green cleaning products and methods to reduce chemical emissions and residues. 

Seasonal Challenges and Solutions

Office hygiene is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It varies depending on the season and the weather conditions. Different seasons pose various challenges and require different solutions for office cleanliness. Here are some of the seasonal issues and tips that you need to consider for your office hygiene.

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1. Winter Weather Considerations

Winter is a time of snow, ice, and cold. It is also a time of increased dirt, salt, and moisture in your office. The snow and ice that accumulate outside your office can be tracked inside by your employees and customers, creating slippery and messy entrance areas. The salt and sand that are used to melt the snow and ice can also damage your floors and carpets, and cause corrosion and stains. Moreover, the cold and dry air can create static electricity, which can harm your electronic devices and equipment.

To prevent and deal with these winter weather issues, you need to take some preventative measures, such as placing mats and rugs at the entrance areas, wiping and drying the floors and carpets regularly, and using humidifiers and anti-static sprays. Scheduling regular professional cleaning services can help maintain a clean and safe environment for both employees and customers during the winter months.

2. Summer Cleanliness Challenges

The summer months bring more visitors and customers to your office, which means more dirt and dust on your surfaces and floors. Summer pollen and other allergens can trigger allergic reactions and respiratory problems for your employees and customers. To cope with these summer cleaning challenges, you need to take some extra steps, such as dusting and vacuuming more frequently, using fans and air conditioners to cool and circulate the air, and checking and cleaning the vents and filters.

Sustainability in Office Cleaning

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At Cameron Building Maintenance, we are not only committed to providing a clean and hygienic office environment, but also to doing so in an environmentally responsible way. We believe that sustainability is not only good for the planet but also for the workplace. That’s why we use eco-friendly cleaning practices and products that are safe for your employees, customers, and the environment. In our previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of sustainability in office cleaning, and how we implement it in our daily operations. You can read more about it here.

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Office hygiene is not a trivial matter. Office cleanliness is vital for business success, influencing employee well-being, work efficiency, and company reputation. Prioritize a holistic cleaning strategy. Ready for a spotless office in Vernon, Kelowna and surrounding areas? At Cameron Building Maintenance, our expertise in commercial cleaning ensures a professional and pristine workspace. Get in touch with us today and take your workplace cleanliness to the next level!

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