The Importance Of Preventative Cleaning

A clean and healthy work environment is a must! Preventative cleaning doesn’t only make your workplace more presentable, but it will help with any smell and allow for a more welcoming environment. Preventive cleaning allows you to stop messes from happening and maintain a  healthy workplace environment.

Tips For Preventing Infestations

Preventative cleaning can be the most effective way to avoid pest infestations and allow for a clean environment. Here are some tips to prevent messes and infestations:

Tip #1 – Regularly Dispose Of Trash

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Did you know that your trash cans end up being an all-you-can-eat for pests? This is especially the case when food residue and beverage containers are left in the garbage. An open trash can is even worse for pest infestation due to easy access to the contents. Making the extra effort to regularly dispose of the trash from the office building can help to avoid unwanted pests.

Tip #2 – Immediately Clean Food Spills

Depending on the frequency of your cleaning services, you may find it beneficial to tidy up when spills occur instead of waiting for your professional cleaners. Spills, especially sugary food and beverages can attract pests quicker than other spills.

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Tip #3 – Keep Moisture Under Control

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Monitoring moisture control is important and is not always as easy to identify right away as a cause for infestations. Moisture problems can include plumbing issues or humidity problems which should be identified and fixed as soon as possible. Having a cleaning company that can provide maintenance services and pest control services can give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Signs That You Have Pests

There can be some signs that your office is being overrun by pests and these signs include

Sign #1 – Pest Droppings

You may notice excrements left behind, especially near garbage and high-moisture areas. It is easy enough to follow safety guidelines to clean up this mess, however, this doesn’t ensure that they won’t come back. We recommend getting this cleaned by a professional or closely monitoring it to find the cause and eliminate it.

Sign #2 – Physical Damage 

If you happen to notice holes in drywall, chewed wires or damage to furniture in your workplace, you may have a pest infestation. The amount and the size of the damage can be dependent on the pest that is causing it. It is recommended that you hire a professional immediately to handle this infestation to prevent further damage.

Sign #3 – Congregation of Pests

The easiest way to tell that you have a pest infestation is by seeing the pest(s) itself. This could be seeing fruit flies flying around or spotting a mouse scurrying off. The moment you see any pest(s), make sure that you call a professional and assess what could be causing these pests to make a home in your workplace and rectify the situation.  

Don’t Wait For Pests

Don’t wait for pests to come crawling into your office! Having regular cleaning services can allow for preventative cleaning measures to be put into place that will help to keep the pests away. We are able to help you to identify potential pest control issues ahead of time and create a plan to avoid any infestations. 

Preventative office cleaning

Let Us Help!

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Our professional cleaners can help to prevent any unwanted surprises that could have been avoided by regular office cleaning. Let our professional cleaners help to maintain your commercial cleaning services and janitorial services to give you a healthy and welcoming environment. Don’t forget that we tailor our commercial cleaning services specifically to your business’s needs. We take pride in providing a clean and safe environment for you, your employees, and your clients. We believe any professional cleaning relationship is founded on consistent communication and understanding of cleaning needs. 

If you have any questions about our services or would like to discuss commercial cleaning services for your business, please contact us by phone at (250) 859-4933 or online here. We provide commercial cleaning in Kelowna, Vernon, and surrounding areas throughout the Okanagan. Learn more about our company today!

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