Cleaning For A Pet-Friendly Office

Posted on February 2023

A Growing Team While offices have been back open and in full swing, it seems as if workplaces have adapted to be more pet-friendly than ever! Recent studies have even shown that pet bonding is connected to healthier relationships, reduced stress levels, and improved concentration. Whether your household or office team has expanded with a […]

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The Hard Truths About Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Posted on January 2023

Why Clean Toxin-Free? Green cleaning is all the rage these days. After spending most of the past few years sheltered in our homes, we’ve all become wary of the potential allergens and toxins looming around our spaces and in our products. Many people have shifted into making more mindful choices about investing in more “green” […]

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New Year, New Cleaning Regime

Posted on December 2022

Year-in-review As a small business owner, with the year ending you might be reflecting on the changing market and economic trends. Coming into the new year, reconsidering some of your business goals might help keep you on track to meet them, especially in a fluctuating market.  Maybe your new online start-up has boomed over the […]

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Stop Dragging Your Boots! (All Over The Office Floor)

Posted on November 2022

First impressions matter With the wet season upon us, your office floors might be the biggest victim to the snowy wet conditions that winter brings. All the slush, salt, debris, and hot beverage spills they end up enduring means they might need a little extra TLC from both your staff and the building maintenance team […]

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Fall Maintenance For Your Strata

Posted on October 2022

“All At Once, Summer Collapsed Into Fall” Quote by Oscar Wilde As leaves begin to fall and the seasons change, so do the maintenance requirements of strata properties and the need for a new to-do list for property managers.  Preventative Fall Maintenance When it comes to strata maintenance, having a clearly defined checklist for each […]

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The Importance Of Preventative Cleaning

Posted on September 2022

The Importance Of Preventative Cleaning A clean and healthy work environment is a must! Preventative cleaning doesn’t only make your workplace more presentable, but it will help with any smell and allow for a more welcoming environment. Preventive cleaning allows you to stop messes from happening and maintain a  healthy workplace environment. Tips For Preventing […]

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Commercial Cleaning Tips When Your Business Is Moving

Posted on August 2022

Are You Planning On Moving? Moving into a new location can be a very exciting event for your business. A new office could be a sign of your company outgrowing the current office or new beginnings. While there can be exciting with a new office, there could also be some stress attributed to moving. You […]

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Preventative Maintenance For Your Strata

Posted on July 2022

Strata living is a popular choice in B.C. So much so that more than 1.5 million people live in stratas throughout the province. Most people think strata housing refers to condos or condominiums, but it not only includes apartment-style condominiums, but can also be: duplexes, townhouses, and fractional vacation properties. Stratas typically provide maintenance of […]

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How Often Should You Be Scheduling Office Cleaning?

Posted on June 2022

This can be a difficult question to answer because every business is different. Cleaning your office on a regular basis is important for your employees’ overall health, safety and not to mention productivity. It’s not just the old adage “uncluttered office equals focused mind” but it reduces dust, harmful viruses and germs.  Here Are Some […]

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What To Consider When Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

Posted on May 2022

Do You Need A Commercial Cleaning Company? It is no secret that in the past few years the cultural shift has leaned into the importance of the cleanliness and sanitation of our spaces. The health of employees, customers, and visitors has been of great concern for everyone and it has been on the forefront of […]

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