As the year comes to an end, things can get busy and it can be easy to forget about the condition of our office space. Making the time for a thorough deep clean can be a great way to bid the previous year farewell and welcome the new one in a refreshed and clean space. Overlooked corners and hidden nooks may slowly accumulate dirt and dust, leading to an unclean and uninviting work environment. Understanding how important it is to deal with these problems can make a substantial difference in the productivity and general well-being of your workplace.

Spaces to Focus On

There are several areas of an office that are simple to overlook when it comes to proper cleaning. Spaces like shared office areas, kitchens, and those often forgotten hidden corners demand special consideration. These are the areas where dirt and stains tend to accumulate, which could pose health concerns and have a noticeable impact on the overall atmosphere of the office.

man cleaning mac keyboard with disinfectant spray

Tasks That Should Be Completed

Deep cleaning a workplace or office requires several important steps:

1. Wiping Down Equipment: Ensure that computer equipment, including screens, keyboards, and computer mice, are regularly wiped down and sanitized.

2. Phones, which are frequently used, should also be sanitized.

3. Dusting All Areas: Every corner of your office can gather dust, which means every corner has to be dusted! It’s especially important to maintain hard-to-reach places like baseboards, blinds, vents, and window sills.

4. Floor Care: For different types of flooring, specific care is needed. Vacuuming is important for carpets, while mopping and disinfecting other floor surfaces can maintain a clean and safe environment.

5. Kitchen and Bathrooms: Pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Dust the tops of cabinets, clean the interiors of kitchen appliances, and sanitize worktops. Clean all of the surfaces in the restrooms, such as the handles, counters, faucets, and sinks.

6. Ceiling Corners: Keep an eye out for dust accumulating in ceiling corners and make sure to remove it. A dust-free space contributes to a healthier environment.

Clean minimalistic interior of a medical office having empty countertop with a sink in the middle of it. Small mirror and bottles of cosmetics on the background

7. Trash Management: Trash cans should be emptied and cleaned any time required. An important component of cleanliness is effective waste management.

8. High-Touch Areas: Wipe and disinfect high-touch areas like door handles and light switches throughout the office. Regular disinfection can reduce the spread of germs.

9. Indoor Signage: Ensure that any indoor signage is wiped down and clean. Clean signage is not only aesthetically pleasing but also vital for effective communication.

It may seem difficult to perform a thorough deep cleaning of a workplace. But the process can be made simple and hassle-free with the help of a reputable Janitorial cleaning service company. Our dedicated team of experienced cleaners offers top-tier janitorial services in Vernon, Kelowna, and surrounding areas.  Give your customers and employees the gift of a pristine and well-maintained office environment, ensuring a fresh start to the upcoming year. If you have any questions about our services or would like to discuss having us provide janitorial services for your business, please contact us over the phone at (250) 859-4933 or online here.

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